throwdown flyer

Highest Drive puppy
Puppy Protection (ON LEASH, PUPPY SLEEVE /RAG)
Your dog will be hooked to a long line and agitated. Your dog will be expected to be pulling toward the decoy. The decoy we go out for a short sent (15 to 20 yds.). Then the decoy will do rag work/puppy sleeve depending on how young the puppy is. Please let us know if your dog has been exposed to biting a puppy sleeve. We will also test your puppy’s ball drive. If it is not a ball, then bring a toy that you dog will go for.

Heel(weave while heeling through cones), sit, down, stay,
Hurdle, A frame, window jumps
Down in motion, 2 step recall(here & finish)


Heel(weave while heeling through cones), sit, down, stay,
Hurdle, A frame, window jumps
Down in motion, sit from a distance, recall stop halfway, 2 step recall(here & finish)
There will be gun fire on both levels of protection.( more in level 2)
Level 1 Protection

- Defend the handler 360 degrees
We are looking for your dog to stay at the end of the leash showing aggression. You will out your dog. After (sitting position) another decoy will approach you and your dog for a greeting without any aggression. He will then stand still in front of your dog and you will then give the dog the command to bite. (If your dog does not respond you will then tell the decoy to move. – pts.)

- Surprise attack
You will be walking with your dog and a decoy will attack either from behind or front (your dog must react to the threat and defend you. Your dog will be graded on its intensity, reaction time and will to fight.) -pts. If dog does not engage.

-Apprehend a thief
An item will be place on the seat. The decoy will take the item and run. Your dog must apprehend the thief.

– Courage test
You will send your dog from a distance at a decoy in a circle. The decoy will defend himself with gun fire, plastic bottles, burlap sacks, etc… Your dog must engage the decoy with confidence and courage.
– Level 2 Protection
– Defend the handler
Decoy will approach you for a greeting (your dog must remain out)
your dog will be placed at a sit/down stay. You and the decoy will walk off. The decoy will do a passive aggressive attack (he will not be so animated) you must give your dog the command to bite. Your dog will be judged on reaction time and intensity. The dogs should not move until you give it the command. After your dog engages, you will out/recall your dog.
-Surprise attack
The same as level 1 w/ more pressure and gunfire
– Apprehend a thief
You and your dog will be seated in a vehicle (your dog must NOT engage the decoy until necessary). Your dog must apprehend the thief. Each dog must jump out of the window. The second decoy will attack you at the vehicle and your dog must go after him. Your dog will be judged on a clean out to come and assist you with the second attacker. There will be more pressure from the decoys in level 2

- Send/out
You will send your dog at a decoy that has agitated your dog. Then you will out your dog after it reaches a marked distance.

– Courage test
You will send your dog into a window. As your dog approaches, there will be gunfire. The decoy will apply pressure once your dog has entered the structure. The decoy will be asked to freeze and you will then out/recall your dog. Your dog must continue to bite until you call him/her out.

Your dog should out clean each time. If your dog does not react well to gunfire, we will shoot one round from a distance to judge reaction. If you choose not to continue with the gunfire points will be deducted. If your dog has not been trained and cannot do any of the exercises it will be disqualified.( WITHOUT A REFUND)

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